We Are You

Your personal brand is our quest.

Your Suit, your Shirt, your Trouser, formal, smart, casual, or simply elegantly laid back, your style typifies you.

Your external look embodies your personality. It should embrace your character and should effortlessly and brilliantly project your subtle statements.

"Clothes may not make the man," but surely they remain the most prominent element towards building confidence and projecting character, achievements, dreams, taste, exposure, experience and the form that encapsulates the content that builds the "whole" that is you.

At Nemer Saade, we design for character, features, status, and circumstances. We advise carefully, individually, and creatively on trends, cuts, fabrics, and colors. We execute immaculately with extreme attention to detail.

We are passionate about serving you, we become you…

We Are you

The Journey

The Wonderfully Individual Journey of True Bespoke

Client Experience


Our tailoring process fuses the traditional and the modern by working from scratch with you, creating a unique pattern cut to your measurements. The cloth is chosen by you with the expert help of Nemer Saade himself.

The result is a garment that is unique and original to you.

Bespoke tailoring is unique in its ability to meet any request. Nemer Saade always provides his expert advice, with his gift of knowing what will work best for you, making his role pivotal in the entire process.

Cloth Selection & Cutting

We offer a wide selection of bespoke cloth to choose from. With one-on-one help from Nemer Saade, you decide on a style and select the cloth accordingly. Styles can range from a two or three-button, single breasted coat, to a four, or six-button, double breasted coat.

After you have chosen the cloth, it is delivered to our atelier and is traced out and cut by hand, creating all the individual panels for the garment. Extra cloth is purposefully added at the inlays to allow the suit to be altered later if needed. That is because a Nemer Saade suit is an investment - an investment that we expect to last exceedingly longer than something bought ready-made.

Our clients typically prefer the Nemer Saade style: Our silhouette features a nipped waist with appropriate shoulder padding and high armholes. The Nemer Saade silhouette delivers a classic shape, providing balance and proportion and enhancing the body's natural outline.


After the foundation of the suit has been created with the cloth, additional material is assembled and sorted by hand to ensure quality control, strength, fineness, and appearance. This material includes natural wool canvasses, linen, and the finest silks and linings, and is added to the suit during the construction process to deliver the classic Nemer Saade silhouette.


After the trim has been added to the suit, your garment is assigned to your tailor, who will use his expert eye to catch any imperfections. Only when the tailor is entirely satisfied does he begin sewing and piecing it together. The suit is then canvassed by hand and readied for the first fitting. Each client gets his own highly skilled and experienced tailor who is well versed on how best to make up each client's pieces.

First Fitting

During the first fitting, we begin to make alterations to the suit based on your posture.

Marking Up

After the first fitting, the garment is completely taken apart, pressed and re-cut, taking into account any necessary adjustments. Each time this is done, your master pattern is changed, which will in turn change the bespoke suit pattern used for any future garments. It is a constantly evolving process, which is time-consuming and performed by hand. This assures that you get what you desire and that the piece works best on you at any given moment.

At Nemer Saade, once the marking up process is completed, the tailor prepares for a second fitting. Your assigned tailor observes the pattern for any imperfections before the suit is again canvassed by hand to be ready for the next fitting.

Second Fitting

Because we pay immense attention to each and every detail, all fittings are treated like the first. The Nemer Saade Bespoke process guarantees that the garment is carefully examined during the fittings so that any imperfections are sought out continuously to ensure optimal quality and a perfect end result for you.

During the second fitting, previous alterations and amendments from the first fitting are checked, and then the specialist features of the suit are examined by Nemer Saade. He inspects the break over shoe, the seat of the trousers, the drape, neck point, and cuffs, to name only a few key points of inspection.


The suit is dismantled again to make the final alterations. When the suit is ready to be put back together and finished by hand, a tailor will make the button holes for the signature Nemer Saade two-hole buttons. The collar and sleeves are sewn in, and the felling and edge stitching is completed.

It is here that the renowned Nemer Saade Silhouette takes its final form. As the tailor finishes the suit inside and out, a one-of-a -kind garment is created, giving you a unique look.

The entire finishing process is done at the Nemer Saade premises in Saifi, where you will return to see the finished suit as a whole for the first time, at the imperative final fitting.

Final Fitting

The Nemer Saade Bespoke process, from the initial pattern cutting, cloth cutting, and trimming, on to the several phases of alterations and fittings, comes to an end following the finishing process when you try on the finished suit.

Each suit is numbered and logged, enabling us to bring in materials to repair or alter the suit at a later stage. You are advised on how to care for the suit as well as how to maintain its shape.

Your final individual master patterns are saved with detailed notes from all people involved in the process.

"We design for individuality and execute with extreme attention to quality and detail. Only then can we rise up.


Descendant of a long line of tailors, dating back to 1919, Nemer Saade discovered quite early his penchant for tailoring. After completing his studies in Pattern Making, Moulage and design he took the reins of the family business, exploring the many facets of the cloth to perfect his skills.

Harnessing his exceptional heritage and expertise, he launched his eponymous line in 2004, specializing in contemporary bespoke men's tailoring and image consulting.

With his progressive approach to equilibrium and shape, Nemer Saade was soon legitimized as the leading modern luxury clothing bespoke tailor in the region.

A perfectionist by nature, Nemer Saade constantly revisits traditional tailoring notions and sewing techniques, raising fashion at a level that goes beyond the ordinary limits of the garment.

Bespoke tailoring, the house's DNA, the essence of his work, and his extensive experience in sewing only rival his passion for experimentation and conquer new frontiers.

Nemer Saade designs handcrafted quality clothing, unique pieces adapted to meet the requirements of our customers, reflecting the image of the house: bold and refined, simple and sophisticated.

Proportion, motion fluidity and comfort are the signatures of the House Nemer Saade who boasts a long established customer base and elite. Royalty, statesmen and international celebrities such as Adam Lambert, Slash from Guns N'Roses, Tonex, Usher and countless distinguished customers who appreciate his discreet approach and exceptional devotion to quality count among Nemer Saade's couture house clients, since its creation.

While continuing its expansion in the Middle East and around the world, the House of Nemer Saade diversifies its offer to meet the growing customers demand.