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The term bespoke in fashion is used to designate individually patterned and crafted men’s clothing; as such we produce unique pieces of unparalleled quality that are tailored to suit the requirements of our customers.

With a lineage in Bespoke tailoring for over a century, the house of Nemer Saade prides itself on exclusivity and craftsmanship, ensuring that the highest standards are respected all throughout the production process. We seamlessly combine luxury and simplicity with elegant fluid lines, innovative cuts, and carefully selected fabrics which highlight intricate but minimalistic detailing.


Commissioning a bespoke garment is a unique experience and our aim is to create clothes that speak for their owner, bring out his individuality and complement his personality.
In our atelier every client’s order is handled by a dedicated team of artisans who have perfected their craft over decades of sewing experience. They are the gatekeepers of an elusive, almost lost, art that constitutes the core of our value.

Designing bespoke clothing is the core of our business but the core of our culture is designing clothes that transcend physical barriers and bring out the uncompromised powerful truth of the man wearing them.


During his first consultation, the client is introduced to Mr. Saade who will develop a thorough understanding of his personality, lifestyle, tastes and requirements. Bringing with him the knowledge and expertise of a family bespoke tailoring business dating back to three generations, Mr. Saade will then advise the client on the style and tailoring that accent his identity and how he presents himself to the world.

Mr. Saade will help the client choose his cloth from hundreds of specially selected luxurious fabrics. Highlighting the silhouette, bringing out sharp tailoring, or fluidly moving with the body, our fabrics, ranging from exclusive wool blends to lavish 130’s cashmere wools, are exclusively sourced from the finest textile providers and artisans around the world.


After Mr. Saade and the client have jointly decided on the details and features of the suit, measurements are taken and the patterns are cut. The master tailors will then begin the handmade production process based on time-honored traditions. Taking up to 100 hours of man work, our garments are hand-glazed with meticulous care and laden with long hours of craftsmanship dedication.

During the fittings adjustments will be made, according to the client’s requirements, in order to achieve the ideal balance and ease of movement. The final result is a made to measure garment that ensures the perfect flattering fit.

A luxurious feel that flows over the body, a tingling emotion of accomplishment, a new alluring swagger yet so unique to you; your game just got a significant update….. Welcome to the Nemer Saade experience.

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